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You found the home of the “Bounce 5 Channel ™” strategy, the “Trinity Play ™, “Triple Pillar Bounce ™”, the famous “Predator Play ™”, and the wild “Crack Run ™” strategy.  This is also the exclusive home of the “Three Market Seasons” education that puts losing traders on the right side of the market.  These are all strategies taught by 21+ year market trader and educator – Dr. Daniel Daves.

Imagine: Becoming 78% successful on one trade strategy, and 90%+ successful on another trade strategy.  

Imagine: Becoming a consistent, profitable, cash generating trader that beats the 90% retail losers over and over again.  

Imagine: Having an edge that none of your friends have. 

Imagine: Finally getting your brain and emotions tweaked to think like the market instead of like the 90% unsustainable loser group.

 Imagine: Finally becoming laser focused, developing a hard set of technical rules that make you a highly probable winner, setting aside fruitless fundamentals and those talking heads that tell you what happened, after it happened.

Imagine:  Tracking the cold blooded giants and predators in the markets, knowing where the market is headed in the future with high precision.  You will be buying when everyone else is selling. And you will be selling when the 90% are getting into the waters as baited buyers.

Here are the hard details of true sustainable market trading:

90% of market traders/investors are not sustainable long term. Only 10% make money sustainably, year after year. There are a very simple set of reasons that are hard to isolate, very evasive to the new trader/investor, and require a mentor to see and deal with. It has a lot to do with “WHY” you think the way you do and “HOW” the market uses your belief system against you to draw you in for the kill.

It’s possible to become part of the 10% rather than the unsustainable 90% of all losing traders.  You can become the giant, the shark, the eagle, the wolf, the lion and the predator.  While other unsuspecting traders are trying to play “win-win” where everyone is happy, you will not play their losing game.  You will play the opposite side of their thinking.  How?

* You will learn sheer discipline and how to overcome the raw emotions of trading through the gambling addiction.

* You will learn a pure technical trading system that will make you a winner 78% – 90% of the time.

* You will learn to stay away from emotions, hype, news stories and the fundamental news pundits that tell you what happened, after it happened.
* You will become a master trader who knows what is going to happen on the right side of the trading charts with pure precision and proven historical technical trading secrets.
* You will become the predator and the market giant.  You will become ruthless and fearless.

* You will learn where the giants and predators hang out to feed and frenzy on unsuspecting “seal type” traders.  You will learn where they are, why they are there, and how to join them until there’s nothing left but blood in the water.

Powerful student testimonials HERE will confirm what they have learned.

Hello, I’m Dr. Daniel Daves and I have been trading the markets for 20+ years.  I have developed proven technical trading systems that work.  I have also trained myself to silence the gambling addict inside of me, as well as the raw emotional feelings of entering a market trade.  I have trained many others over the decades to do the same.  Together we have traded cryptos, forex, stocks, options, emini futures, ETFs and more.  If it has a chart, we can technically trade it.  Choose your market and your favorite time frame, and I can teach you how to trade it using my proven technical trading systems.  You can be a day trader, swing trader or position trader.

If you are going to enter the waters owned by sharks and predators, you had better learn how to be a predator.  So many people are invited out into the waters with no plan, no training and not protections.  They are the bait. And they have just entered the world of the giants and predators.
“I’d like to have you over for dinner.” said the wolf to the little pigs…..

You need to understand that there are no win/win trades in the markets.   Market trading is ruthless and vicious.  Market trading is war!  There is a winner and a loser to each trade – period. One buys because he thinks it’s going up. Another sells because she thinks it’s going down. One is right and one is wrong. One will win and one will lose. And funds will transfer in or out of one account into the other. This is the pure and simple fact of trading. Get it straight before you risk a dime of your own time and money to this feeding pool frenzy called market trading and investing.

Hard Facts According To Dr. Daniel Daves:

1. If you don’t have a solid trading plan that you can stick through, one with a high profit percentage and a high reward/risk ratio, you cannot become a sustainable trader – PERIOD!

2. If you don’t choose carefully how you approach the markets, you will automatically become a loser.  The markets are rigged like a casino in the favor of institutional traders, giants, and predators. If you don’t have a precise plan you have already lost.  Trusting a lagging indicator or oscillator that is right 25 – 40% is not a winning trading plan.  Trying to mix fundamental and technical market information is a recipe for disaster according to Dr. Daves. There are so many things to learn to stay away from before you ever learn your trading system. Fail to learn these and you will lose.

3. Dr. Daves teaches three seasons which change frequently in the markets.  Many people have a winning trade in one season that turns into a pure loser in another season.  And if you don’t learn about the third season where the sharks and predators come out, you will be a sure loser. Season three is filled with blood in the waters where no one’s trade system seem to work.  You had better learn season three or prepare to be delivered to the predators!

4. Every good trader has had to recognize the he/she has alot of emotion, pent up energy and addictive behavior that must be brought under control quickly.  To allow the gambling addiction any liberty in market trading is to become a loser. Emotions cannot rule a trader’s decision making process if you want success.  Therefore Dr. Daves educates fully on identifying and destroying unrestrained emotion and the gambling addiction, bringing it under full control of a pure technical trading system.

5. Dr. Daves has an entire recorded class training session called “Trading 101”.  This class will teach you all of the basics of trading.  You will learn how to open an account, how to open and close a trade, Japanese Candlesticks, how to set up your charts, Dr. Daniel’s favorite brokers and why, and so much more.  These “101” classes will ramp you up and prepare you for the MASTER TRADER live and pre-recorded classes that you will immerse yourself into for one solid year or as long as you feel that you need the classes. Most people are finished within a few months of collegiate level training, and only hang around because of the friendships made during the classes.

Dr. Daves teaches a layered system that starts with his #1 trade, the “Bounce 5 Channel ™” strategy.  Other strategies include the “Predator Play ™”, “Trinity Play ™’, “Triple Pillar Bounce ™”, “Crack Run ™” and more.  Each strategy works in one of the three market seasons, over and over again.  Many times, if one of these strategies fails, it signals that the market season has just changed and it’s time to pull up a new strategy.  It’s not hard to learn these strategies, but it does take effort and a collegiate level mindset.  You have to be serious about this education.  You also must be willing to deal with your untrained emotions and addictions.  But rest assured, you can be successful in identifying these trade patterns and setups as a good student.

Every Real Educator Has A List Of Powerful Student Testimonials:

Check out previous student testimonials HERE to confirm what they learned and how much value they place on the trading systems that they learned.  These are not flippant, short term, one trade testimonials. These are stories of success after being in Dr. Daves’ class for extended periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently asked questions by potential students:

What kind of time and commitment do I need to bring to the table?  Dr. Daves will spend an entire year with you to make sure that you have the information and education correct.  You need to commit to at least one night per week of live classroom training (or recorded if you miss the class).  You need to commit to taking the online “101” class training lessons to bring you up to speed so you understand what is going on in the live training class sessions.  Typically a person is highly effective and asking the final tweaking questions within 60 – 90 days of faithful classroom education.  A brand new “5 year access” is given for mentorship, though most never need this amount of time.  Many hang out as friendships are forged and students love interacting and finding trade setups among thousands of instruments that are being watched and traded.

How much money do I need to have ready to trade?  The good news is that you need to spend your first money on education.  You can trade with very little money while you are learning. You can buy just a few Dollars worth of cryptos.  Forex micro lots can be purchased for just a few Dollars.  ETFs can be cheaply bought, and micro mini or E-mini futures contracts are relatively cheap with just a few thousand Dollars in your account.  Many times you can take a trade, only risking $10 – $20 per trade using these instruments on a 10 minute day trade.  Of course, if you have thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of Dollars, your education will focus on destroying the gambler and addictive mindset inside of you before putting your hands on that money to trade.

How long will it take me to learn these technical trade setups?  Depending on your desire to learn, you can learn the main trade setups in just a few lessons. You will be taught to practice trading with paper trading accounts, and simply scanning the charts of your choice.  Once you become proficient in mastering these trades, Dr. Daves will walk with you into the real world of trading your real money for profits until you are comfortable entering and exiting the trades with precision.

What kind of trading account do I need to set up?  There are many ways to trade various markets. Dr. Daves will introduce you to trading platforms with free data feeds, Cadillac platforms with cheap or free broker fees with each trade, and various charting programs that you can get free of charge. The ultimate choice will be yours. However, if you want Dr. Daves to deliver his own personal charts to you, you can set up a free trading account with and choose emini futures, stocks, options, cryptos, forex as the various trading instruments that you can learn.  Tradestation is a Cadillac charting/brokerage service and will offer many free extras including free paper trading accounts.

If you choose Tradestation as your broker, Dr. Daves will send you as his student, his current charts which are already set up and configured for trading. You will simply plug and play, and be set to track and trade just as he does.  How awesome is that?

What kind of equipment will I need to trade?  Dr. Daves does not recommend big computers, lots of monitor screens and too much information invading your mind.  His goal is to teach you to see and identify what no one else sees.  You should end up, armed with a cell phone and/or a laptop and a trading account, able to see the trade setup and enter it only using your cell phone.  You will learn to trade on the go, in your office, in an airplane or wherever you find an internet connection.  Of course, there is no problem using a desktop computer with a large monitor. You are simply guaranteed that you will not need to have 12 monitors, 3 TV news feeds and a liquid cooled computer to handle all of the processing power along with a fiber optic network connection.

  1. If you have a personal question not listed here, feel free to send Dr. Daves an email at: .  You may also connect directly with him using Whatsapp at: +507-6121-0591.  Ask any question you can think of. He will respond quickly with his best answer. 

Dr. Daves looks forward to seeing you in the trading room!

The current cost of the “3 year” mentoring package with 100% of everything Dr. Daves has to offer is $9,995.00.  This same type of education typically costs $25,000+ .  Dr. Daves keeps student numbers low and focuses his attention on each student’s strengths and weaknesses to help make them successful.  You will not be disappointed.  Read a few of the student testimonials.
The Stripe and Paypal QR Codes below are a way that you can pay for your 5 year Master Trader student classes.  Just scan the code, pay $9,995.00 to Global Incentives, Inc., and Dr. Daniel will set you up with your own personal back office account. He will answer all questions and get you started with video education and live classroom attendance.  Alternatively, you can hit the BUY NOW button below to pay through our normal credit card system. You choose which way is best for you.