Doctor Daniel Daves

Giant Tracker - Master Trader Student Testimonials

Captain Ron took the Giant Tracker program in 2008. He talks about following the rules of technical trading.  Ron trades almost every day while also being a full time commercial pilot.  Giant Tracker teaches the core values that will make a person a good trader vs. a non sustainable gambler and a rebel.


The “Bounce 5” trading method is probably one of the best classes I’ve ever completed that went well beyond the “trading floor”.   Dr. Daves teaches the rhythms of the market in ways you can truly start to see how the emotions of people move the market.  You will begin to see the tops from the bottoms on a regular basis.  This does not guarantee success but it does take the emotions of trading away for you and presents it in a technical  way.  You will no longer “gamble” the market, but use your knowledge to make the markets work for you.  Beyond, the markets, this tool had helped me realize that life is no different.  When you are building your business (whether self-employed or for a company), you can use the tools you learn in these classes to make you a better, less emotional, person.  When making decision based on emotion alone, we’ve all learned that it can back fire on us if done incorrectly.  I was with Dr. Daves for several years before I started running and building several businesses and used this training in them as well.  Currently I’m not actively day trading but I’m still a swing trader and it’s still producing results.  (but remember, your emotions will continually tell you to ignore the rules but don’t allow that to happen!!)  Trust your training and you will have the chance to be successful.

  • Brian H. (Pennsylvania, USA (2018)


The Giant Tracker program is a complete re-education, shattering everything you thought you knew before.  We all know what we should have done after the fact, Daniel’s program shows us in advance.

The Giant Tracker method lets us see what the ‘Big Guys’ are doing, the market makers…   Then we follow in their tracks, once we identify what they are doing.

Imagine being able to see, with high probability, where the market will go in any time frame you are trading in.  This is power and peace of mind!

Daniel’s method has give me confidence and actual ‘serenity’ in trading, when I follow his plan.  That’s what 78-90% accuracy will do for you.

I highly recommend following and joining the Giant Tracker community!

  • Scotty V. (Los Angeles, USA) (2021)


Dr. Daves is a strict technical trader who makes it possible for people who have little or no experience of market/crypto trading, to understand what trading is all about. I was one of those people who had no experience and very little knowledge of trading before taking his course.  Dr. Daves use of online video conferencing  and YouTube videos enabled me to learn even at my own pace. His classes contained charts and illustrations to demonstrate the different technical plays used by traders, including the “Bounce 5” and “Crack Run” technical plays which he discovered through countless hours of trading.

Looking back, I have found that my life has changed from things I have learned in Dr. Daves’ trading class.  Things like patience, discipline, and even goal setting.  I never realized before that setting boundaries or rules and abiding by them were not only important for being profitable in trading, but also good to follow in your own personal life. I have found more confidence in myself and my trading after taking part in Dr. Daves’ course.  I strongly believe the investment I made was worth it.   I would do it again.

  • Don C., Missouri, USA (2018)


The importance in understanding price movement in markets cannot be understated. Similar to a doctor looking at rhythm in your heartbeat, you can look at price movement and see where price wants to go next.   The “Bounce 5 Channel Play” that Dr. Daves teaches has been the foundation for my successful trading strategy for many years.   Fibonacci price zones, Support & Resistance Lines, and the Bounce 5 Channel Play are the tools I use every day.  Learning these strategies will give you the foundation for a very successful trading plan.

  • Ron P., Kentucky, USA (2018)


Dr. Daves,

I am really thankful for your mentorship and for teaching me technical trading.  The way you taught technicals, patterns and trading was not only effective, it was exciting and easy to learn and understand.

Its powerful to be able to look at a chart and be able to see where it’s going.  The patterns and technicals you taught me still work today and can be used to effectively trade all of the different markets available for any time frame.  Day trading to Position Trades for stocks, futures, options, metals, currencies etc.

I also appreciate you continued mentoring for all of the many things over the years.  Your dedication and commitment is unmatched.

Mick P., Michigan, USA (2018)


Dr. Dave’s has a keen insight into the physical and spiritual side of the markets. His methods are taught in a strategic rhythm pattern, helping you to practice and grow in class and on your own. One of the best trainings I’ve ever had!

Rob O., Missouri, USA (2018)


“I am loving what I am learning it takes mystery out of trading.”

Scott, International (May 2018)