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Dr. Daniel Daves is an author, conference speaker, innovator, mentor, and business advisor. His focus is building successful systems of multiplication and training faithful men to successfully follow their God given dreams. He is particularly versed in non profit NGOs, business acquisition/expansion, branding, rebranding, and creative design.  

Dr. Daniel has developed a powerful technical stock market trading system that utilizes the rhythm and cycles of God.  This system was developed during seven years of day trading and twenty+ years of longer term investment trading.  Dr. Daves developed purely technical trading strategies that he continues to use today, boasting 78% and 90% success rates with two of his signature trades.  

Dr. Daniel has written various books and training materials.  One of his most important long term works is the “COMPASS GUIDE” one year core life training which helps a person to find God’s particular, personal, direct, focused purposes for  life.  The book and conference are transforming and empowering for all attendees. Dr. Daves shares 13 ancient secrets that extremely successful people use to find true success.  Here is a video that explains this program, which is available to be booked in your community in English or Spanish. CLICK HERE.

Dr. Daniel’s true passion is helping the third world.   He desires to be a voice to little ones who have no voice while helping to caring for their nutritional, medical, and educational needs. He currently lives with his wife Tracy in Panama where he oversees Central American children’s programs in Latin America.   He has prototyped a greenhouse and dehydration center where his team of volunteers work to educate how to grow super foods to stave off malnutrition. He works to eradicate hunger and poverty wherever possible, and to train community leaders to prepare for food disruptions & potential famine in the third world.  His two latest books “Food Is Power” and “Global Food Revolution” both deal with critical international food supply opportunities in a world of population explosion and food decline.  HERE and HERE

Dr. Daniel holds degrees as follows: Masters of Missiology, a Doctorate in Ministry (D-Min) and a PhD in Christian Business Administration from Logos Christian College & Graduate School, Jacksonville, FL. He is a certified open water diver and private pilot. He enjoys playing keyboard and guitar and has recorded five music albums and multiple music videos in his younger days.

Tracy Daves is a conference speaker and instructor with a passion towards raising men and women in leadership.  She has her Masters degree in Christian Education with Logos Christian College & Graduate School.

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