Doctor Daniel Daves

Welcome To The Powerful "Predator Trader" Program.

Hello. I am Dr. Daniel Daves, the original “Giant Tracker” trader, and educator.  I’m the guy in the Fiji video below.  After many years of teaching my five top signature trades, I have decided to offer one of my most basic, simple, but aggressive trades to students just like you.  This trade is so easy that just about anyone can get started with no trading history, in a single day. It’s simple but profound. Unless I show it to you, you can never see it or understand it. But with guidance and precise instruction, you will see a power trade that’s so aggressive that it will astound you!  And once you see it, you can NEVER un-see it.

I call this the “Predator Play” because it’s aggressive.  It’s a shark attack play that most traders never see coming.  Most fall right into the mouth of the attacking shark, and only escape with a trading account that lost money as the shark eats it away.  Once you learn to see this attack, I will teach you how to play it over and over again.  I have always said it’s a 90% win trade, but one of my students who built the Predator  discovery robot says that it’s 90%(+) accurate while he trades it every day.

How would you like to learn this simple, single “Predator Play”, which works in any and all environments, stocks, bonds, ETFs, e-minis, futures, forex, options, and more?   I will show it all to you right now in a series of videos that will take you from zero to hero, from a person who doesn’t know how to trade, to a beginner with a supreme knowledge of where the shark predators are hiding out to attack their prey.  And if you’re a seasoned trader, this will change your game and allow you to see how the winners attack the losers over and over again.  It could potentially change your trading career forever.

I am a purely technical trader. I have been trading for 20+ years and educating other for 15+ years. My students love how I teach and how it has changed their lives for the better.

Just A Few Student Testimonials:
One of the best trainings I’ve ever had! – Rob O., Missouri, USA

The “Bounce 5” trading method is probably one of the best classes I’ve ever completed that went well beyond the “trading floor”.  I was with Dr. Daves for several years before I started running and building several businesses and used this training in them as well.  – Brian H. (Pennsylvania, USA

The Giant Tracker program is a complete re education, shattering everything you thought you knew. – Scotty V. (Los Angeles, USA)

Dr. Daves is a strict technical trader who makes it possible for people who have little or no experience of market/crypto trading, to understand what trading is all about.  I strongly believe the investment I made was worth it.   I would do it again. – Don C., Missouri, USA

The “Bounce 5 Channel Play” that Dr. Daves teaches has been the foundation for my successful trading strategy for many years.   Learning these strategies will give you the foundation for a very successful trading plan. – Ron P., Kentucky, USA

Its powerful to be able to look at a chart and be able to see with high probability where it’s going.  The patterns and technicals you taught me still work today. I also appreciate you continued mentoring for all of the many things over the years.  Your dedication and commitment is unmatched. – Mick P., Michigan, USA