Doctor Daniel Daves

“Spiritual Authority is the most important foundational topic of life. True success is finding authority and getting under it. Defiance of true authority is resistance to God and that will not end well for that person.” – Dr. Daniel Daves

Dr. Daniel Daves has taught in multiple universities and colleges internationally.  One of his deep interests has been spiritual authority.  This subject matter deeply affected and transformed his life, way of thinking and decision making early in life (20 years old).  He believes that embracing this subject matter led him into a life of abundance, peace and favor which has never stopped flowing, even with his own failures, inconsistencies and wrong choices.  “Spiritual Authority is the absolute first thing to get straight in your life before you start a family, a career, a business and social interaction at any level of life.  Once you get this straight, everything else works!” says Dr. Daves.

This 10 lesson video class was recorded in front of a live studio audience. Dr. Daves takes the book “Spiritual Authority” by Watchman Nee and drives the concepts, principles and kingdom laws home in each class.  This course is equivalent to a full three credit hour college class.  It comes with a PDF “Spiritual Authority” book and extra bonus video material.  The membership price goes towards feeding children with malnutrition in the third world.  While you’re feeding yourself, you are also feeding someone else.  The entire course is $99.  It will change your life dynamics, your outlook, and understanding.  It will bring laser focus into your life, and put you on the right side of the spirit and meaning of life.