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“Compass Guide™ Espanól One Year Training Program, including 15 training video programs (Spanish Captions) , daily user forum and access to all live seminars worldwide. You will be taken to


God gave Dr. Daves 2 dreams about the future of America:  Covert forces are waiting for the next major, pre designed, financial collapse of the world reserve monetary system. When it comes, the power grab will be “ON”. Communists, socialists, world bankers, Bilderberg elitists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and every evil, satanic force in Hell’s arsenal are going to make concerted power plays for the most powerful, formerly free nation on the planet, the U.S.A.!

The stage is set. The nation has been de-sensitized, demoralized, and disconnected from her divine roots and calling. Anti American sons of Belial have slipped into top positions in Washington, the military, all branches of Federal government, the educational system, media, Hollywood, and even many church institutions. They are preparing America for a great day of battle which will forever fundamentally change her, and strip her of her Constitution and Bill of Rights! Many good, freedom loving, God fearing, patriotic Americans are poised to be slaughtered and murdered when the next great war begins!  You don’t have to be numbered with those slaughtered, but you must make your movements NOW!  Get the book and learn how to protect your FAITH, FAMILY, FINANCES and FUTURE.  Build an ark of safety that will carry you successfully through great troubling times which are quickly coming upon the world.  It’s all in the book.

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