warning-america-book-webWarning: Dr. Daniel Daves had two dreams about America.

america-under-seige-warning-america-book-dr-daniel-davesDr. Daniel Daves had two dreams about America’s future in 2008. He believes these dreams to be a direct warning from God. One dream has come to pass and reveals the hidden agenda of our national leaders, including their covert direction for the nation towards a new world order. The other dream is nearly upon us! You need to know what’s coming. (Get The Book In Paperback, PDF Or Kindle Now!) As far as we know, dream #1 is the first prophetic dream to be fully backed in detail by a major Hollywood motion picture, filmed years after Dr. Daves had the dream.

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See the part of video at beginning of this trailer to see what Dr. Daves saw in his dream “exactly”.


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Covert forces are waiting for the next major, pre designed, financial collapse of the world reserve monetary system. When it comes, the power grab will be “ON”. Communists, socialists, world bankers, Bilderberg elitists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and every evil, satanic force in Hell’s arsenal are going to make concerted power plays for the most powerful, formerly free nation on the planet, the U.S.A.!

warningThe stage is set. The nation has been de-sensitized, demoralized, and disconnected from her divine roots and calling. Anti American sons of Belial have slipped into top positions in Washington, the military, all branches of Federal government, the educational system, media, Hollywood, and even many church institutions. They are preparing America for a great day of battle which will forever fundamentally change her, and strip her of her Constitution and Bill of Rights! Many good, freedom loving, God fearing, patriotic Americans are poised to be slaughtered and murdered when the next great war begins!  You don’t have to be numbered with those slaughtered, but you must make your movements NOW!

From Dr. Daniel Daves: “I had two dreams in 2008 and and I believe that they were from God. They were so real, powerful, and convincing. They took me by surprise and the things I saw and heard in these dreams were amazing, shocking, and hard to grasp. But the first dream has unfolded perfectly before my very eyes, and everything is now complete except one last major announcement to come from our government. When that announcement comes, it will be too late for anyone to make movements to protect themselves.  All movements must be early while understanding the future clearly.

I have written this book for you. It’s 170 pages of clear detail on how to protect your family, your job, your business, retirement, savings, your sanity, and yes even  the lives of your family and friends.  The “HELL” that is coming to attack the greatest nation on earth will be relentless towards anyone who fails to prepare. That does NOT have to be you!”

For those nay sayers who calmly state that God is on our side and He would never allow this to happen, Dr. Daves warns:

  1. 55+ million dead American children in 42 years are mercilessly ripped limb to limb, burned and destroyed, thrown at the feet of Jesus at the hands of murderous aborters who care nothing of God’s precious life.  This all while on the watch of a generation of Christians in America.  This blood must be accounted for.  Outside of Christ, the wrath of God is coming. Murder is outside of the covenant of Christ – period.
  2. Relentless, illicit wars and countless innocent deaths in the wake of war.  America has been at war with someone, somewhere for the past 50 years plus!  Most Americans have never lived a day without war of some kind being provoked through the great war machine called the USA.  This blood must be accounted for.
  3. America at large has divided and denominationalized her Christian belief system and has morphed from New Testament followers of Christ to the current seeker/world sensitive model which does not resemble Christ in any way, shape or form.   God will vindicate His name. Judgment begins in the house of the Lord. His fires are stoking and His sword is quickly dividing flesh from Spirit. Laodacea is being rebuked.
  4. God historically used the Muslim religion and terror to bring HIs people back to a white hot, firey lifestyle.  Today, the Muslim invasion is set and the Muslim Brotherhood is in place through all top federal branches of authority.  Terror is within our borders.
  5. The greatest national debt in the history of the world is set to thrust the USA into the hands of her masters, at the time of their choosing.  Unfortunately, the church at large is totally bought into this system of debt, and is loaned to the hilt on her properties, buildings, autos, equipment and educational loans. She is tightly webbed into place for the great future take over and slaughter.  She is a bird who has been trapped by those who desire to destroy her, and she has not heeded the counsel of the Word of God.
  6. The 10 planks of Communism have been built under the USA without a shot fired or a warning cry released.  Other than the prophets and seers who have been scorned and hated, America’s foundation is on fire and is about to collapse as pre designed by her enemies.  Only true repentance can put out the fire, yet there is no sign on the horizon that she is ready, willing or able to repent.  Therefore, dream #1 stands in place and the final announcement shall commence.  The church WILL repent, but she will be a day late and all of her Dollars short – according to the dream.

Watch the official Atlas Shrugged II movie trailer (below) and you will see the exact, identical scene #1 that Dr. Daniel Daves saw in his first dream. The president is calling for martial law, confiscation of personally held patents, and the dissolution of all past property lines. The big screen TVs on the commercial buildings are the same as Dr. Daves saw in his dream.

Hee’s the Link To The Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF9QT43uDQU

America is receiving countless warnings through dreams, visions, historical cycles, and through changes in the earth’s atmosphere, solar flares, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural catastrophic events. God is calling mankind back to Him. The book “Warning America” will tell step by step, where America is headed if “we the people” do not return to His side.

Regardless of Americans decision to return to Him, you don’t have to be on this train when it crashes. America’s financial crisis will happen to those who are blind, deaf, stiff necked, and unwilling to walk in God’s divine plan for America. “Warning America” will show you how to walk in God’s economy, exit the failed world system, and prepare to build an ark of safety so you can protect and preserve your faith, family, finances, and future. Just as Noah built an ark of safety to transport he and his family into a brand new world, so God is giving you the same opportunity. The book will explain the opportunity and exactly what to do in full detail.

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