Crypto Trade Mentoring

Are you interested in Crypto Currencies, FOREX and Stocks/Bonds/Futures but you know very little about buying, selling or trading them?  You wonder which cryptos are better than the others for trading?  At this time many cryptos, stocks and currencies are very volatile and you could be entering a dangerous world where your losses could be more than you can imagine.  So many people buy too high and then they sell too low, missing the true moves of the investment.  You need to develop an educated plan before ever putting money into the investment world of cryptos, stocks, etc.  Before you ever put your hard earned money at risk, you need to get professional education.  Here it is.

Dr. Daniel Daves is offering a 90 day "Giant Tracker" program that will bring you up to speed with all markets, not just cryptos or stocks.  He will show you the power of technical trading so you can know for sure where to find the good wholesale price in all markets, and when to stay away from the troubled ones.  Dr. Daves has developed low risk, high reward technical trades over the past 18 years of market trading.   He will show you how to keep safely away from disaster and in the realm of profit.  The power of this program can be used with great accuracy in all markets including crypto trading, stocks, futures, ETFs, FOREX and any tradable, chartable instrument.

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Dr. Daves has trained students for more than a decade, and has enjoyed great success in tracking the giants in the markets.

Most recently he began calling for a Dollar devaluation in September 2017. The Dollar began it's crashing descent in December, 2018, 3 months later, just as he predicted.

In early December 2017  Dr. Daves began shouting loudly to NOT buy Bitcoin or corresponding cryptos because they were over valued at the $13,000 level. He knew that the rocket was going to come back home after it ran out of fuel.  Sure enough, 2 months later the crypto world fell apart and declined rapidly to new all time lows.

This powerful 90 day Crypto Market Mentoring will include the following:

  • *Immediate access to Dr. Daves "Live" online mentoring sessions provided on Tuesday/Thursday nights at 7pm CST (normally 1 hour per session, recorded in case you can't make it to the live meeting online). This includes questions and answer periods, as well as overall market reviews of cryptos and equity markets around the world.
  • Access to formerly recorded training sessions to give you particular insight into how all markets work.
  • A true 101 and 201 understanding of technical trading, the tools that most technical traders use, and how to use them. This will include an in depth understanding of the "rhythm of God" which appears frequently in all markets.
  • Access to the current list of cryptos that Dr. Daves has an extreme interest in, or has  personally invested into.  You will learn why he invested and where the next wholesale investment should take place.
  • Access to the top FREE online web tools that you will need to successfully trade and track the crypto markets.
  • Personal access to Dr. Daniel Daves via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Email to ask personal questions, get help with your current investments, and learn how to rescue a bad investment through proper money management.
  • Detailed professional technical market training that can be used in any market worldwide, and in any time frame.  Dr. Daves will show you how to use simple Japanese Candlesticks, Moving Averages, Fibonacci and a few technical tools to track, enter and win any market and any crypto.
  • You will learn Dr. Daves privately held secret trades.  He will show you his secret trades that were developed through seven years of day trading the US markets.  He will show you proper money management skills, and how to think like a professional trader thinks.  You will learn exact entries and exits, where to put your market, stop and limit orders, and how to calculate risk vs. reward.
  • You will learn about other technical trading tools such as MACD, Bolinger Bands, RSI and others which typically run at a 35% - 40% success rate by themselves, not enough to make money if you trust in them alone.
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WARNING TO ALL INVESTORS:  The fact is that human beings are pre-wired backwards for market trading, including cryptos.  This is why 90% of market traders and crypto investors do NOT make money in these markets.  Most people find themselves buying when they should be selling, or selling when they should be buying. They must be re-wired and turned around in their thinking. This can only happen if they understand the TRUTH of the markets.  Dr. Daves will re-wire you to win in all markets rather than feeling the pain and disorientation of losing.

How much will this 90 day program cost?  Amazingly, he is offering this program for only $399. This fee can be made in one good crypto trade in just days!

Don't delay.  The mentoring room will only hold a select number of people.  Your membership will grant you immediate access to the trading lounge where your professional trading journey will begin.

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Disclosure & Disclaimer:  The risk of loss in trading cryptos, stocks, bonds, commodities, futures, forex, options or other margined financial instruments can be substantial. Before trading, you should carefully consider your financial position to determine if trading or investing is appropriate for you.  All information contained herein is considered as “educational only” in nature, and is in no way determined to be an offer to buy or sell, nor is it an attempt to solicit any type of trading, trading instruments, trading styles or trading systems.  If you access and use this educational information, you accept and agree to a full Disclaimer before using this educational information. No refunds are offered for this 90 day educational program.  Membership cannot be reversed nor credit cards allowed charge backs for any reason.  The information contained herein is not to be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any commodities described herein.   Persons acting on any information contained in this educational project are responsible for their own actions.