About Dr. Daniel Daves

Dr. Daniel Daves is an author, conference speaker, innovator, mentor, and business advisor. His focus is building successful systems of multiplication and training faithful men to follow their dream while pursuing Christ in every area of life. He is particularly versed in non profit programs, business acquisition & expansion, creative design, advertising and media development. Dr. Daniel has written various books and training materials including a stock market trading system that utilizes the rhythm and cycles of God. His most important work to date, the "COMPASS GUIDE" one year core life training system for success which helps a person to find God's direct purpose for their life.

Dr. Daniel holds degrees as follows: Masters of Missiology, a Doctorate in Ministry (D-Min) and a PhD in Christian Business Administration from Logos Christian College & Graduate School, Jacksonville, FL. He is a certified open water diver and private pilot. He enjoys playing keyboard and guitar and has recorded five music albums and multiple music videos in his younger days.

Dr. Daniel's passion is the third world and being a voice to little ones. Who have no voice while helping to caring for their nutritional, medical, and educational needs. He is currently involved in commercial greenhouse growing technologies and multiplying food growing in hardest hit areas of the third world. He currently lives with his family in Panama where he oversees Central American children's programs in Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras & Guatemala. He also helps investors to integrate their investments into credible and growing industries.

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